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Miguel Thomé is an artist and film director known for his captivating exploration of the human body and its boundaries. His artistic journey delves deep into the intricate relationship between the body and its environment, revealing the captivating fluidity and transformative essence inherent in this connection. His thought-provoking paintings draw inspiration from his extensive collection of travel photographs and keen observational sketches, which he revisits years later, adding a profound layer of reflection and reinterpretation.

His projects as a director inhabit an intimate universe and explore the body as an instrument to tell stories. He had publications on platforms such as Nowness, Director’s Library, booooooom TV and mentions in Vogue and i-D Italia. Participation in festivals in Berlin, Milan, Hong Kong, NY. In addition to exhibitions in museums such as Triennale Milano, MIAC Museum in Cinecittà in Rome and Oscar Niemayer Curitiba Museum.

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